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   Season            Opening           Ending                         Tax                    Minimum Stay         Status

  YEAR 2021


      LOW             04-01-2021    19-03-2021          Week=335,00 €               3 Nigths                FREE 

                             18-10-2016   24-12-2016      Fortnigth=513,00 €​                                 

                                                                                Month=718,00 €  

      MID             20-03-2021    28-05-2021          Week=435,00 €                Week                     FREE

  Carnival         25-09-2021    17-10-2021                                                                                   

   Easter            25-12-2021    28-12-2021



     HIGH             29-05-2021   16-07-2021           Week=669,00 €                Week                     FREE

                           03-09-2021   24-09-2021                                                                                   

                            29-12-2021   02-01-2022                                              


   SPECIAL         17-07-2021    03-09-2021           Week=960,00 €                Week                    FREE



The values ​​listed do not include VAT.

Prices calculated for 2 pax. Each extra pax has a cost of 140,00 € / week.


The booking is effective with the payment of 50% of the total stay.

The remaining 50% should be settled within 7 days before the scheduled date of check-in. The absence of payment of the entire stay up to 7 days before of check-in's date implies the automatic cancellation of the booking.


Any booking is only effective after credit, followed by our written confirmation.


Upon receipt of your reservation form, the dates are automatically blocked for 48 hours. If no credit of the booking amount is made after 48 hours, the dates will be released, becoming available again.


The values ​​listed refer to the use of space for holiday stays and is not allowed to hold events or use for other purposes. For events and stays with animals, please contact us.

No visits allowed.

Cancellation of Bookings:

The costs of canceling reservations are as follows.

61 days before the scheduled date of check-in - 25% of the total booking.
60 to 31 days of the scheduled date of check-in - 50% of the total booking.
Cancellations 30 days or less from the scheduled date of check-in - 100% of the total booking.

International bank transfers outside the EU (European Union): all costs will be borne by the customer and will be added a fee of 50,00 Euro.

The reservation implies acceptance of these conditions.